Sunday, August 9, 2015

Stu Buck- Three Poems


We walked with hinged smiles
Through man-made wreckage
The clawing and pawing
The desperate howls
Explosions of remorse

Whenever they grew close
We would blend as one
Human parentheses
Afraid of their touch
Ashamed of their needs

We passed through this detritus
This Verdi-Gris whisper of humanity
Until we reached sanctuary
Free of mind and memory
Warmth flooding through us.


He lies on his semen stained mattress

Sickly womb light stumbles through his curtains
Casting pallid symphonies on his gaunt facade

In his mind
He sees a falcon
Drawing a muddy streak through the azure sky

He longs to be like that falcon
To be truly free

Not chained to his murderer
His silent assassin

The falcon descends
Its prey in sight

The pale man reaches for his belt
A tear kissing his cheek.


That woman could hang up her laundry each morning
With her suburban facelift
With her self-preservation
As if she was pasting up the sails of her clipper
As if the wind would blow through the sheets
Taking every drop of blood and regret with it
But I knew
I knew what went on in that      
That she called a home
I listened through the walls
I heard the howls and moans
I heard the screams and sighs
I heard the fucking and the fighting and the filth and the fury
I heard the innocence dying
Every night the innocence dying
I saw the looks on the children’s faces
When they left for school in the morning
Fixed smiles frozen from fear
Not daring to look back
In case he was following them
In case he hadn’t satisfied himself
He needed more
I saw the look in their eyes
Please don’t let my friends find out
Please don’t let my friends find out
I knew what went on in that house
I’d see him watering his garden
His semen stained boxers
His bare chest
He’d water those plants every day
Even in the rain
Hoping life would grow outside
While inside it died.

Stu Buck is a chef turned poet living in North Wales. His debut collection is due for releasde Oct 16. He has a poetry blog @ and can now be found embracing the 21st century on twitter @stuartmbuck. His personal blog is sorely underloved and always enjoys people dropping by @ stuartbuck/

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