Sunday, August 9, 2015

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

The Iran Deal

the agreement,
a treasonous act,
the United States,
and its people,
sold out to the united nations,
Obama and Kerry,
the only opinions that matter,
the deal signed,
to secure a legacy,
not the peace,
a precedence set,
treaties are for fools,
individual agreements,
the wave of the future,
defying a nation,
to glorify an individual,
ignorant and infallible,
the founding fathers weep,
while the world rejoices,
the nation in decline,
the end nears.

Presidential Politics

a beauty contest,
and a bribe,
elitists unshackled from the law,
argue the trivial,
reality no longer matters,
a people too ignorant,
or self possessed to truly care,
or understand,
guns and ammunition bought at a record pace,
security in the hands of the individual,
the government now a weapon,
and soon a foe,
unleashed against freedom,
and the ability to decide,
presidential politics.

Honest Abe

Lincoln honored,
though the scars of his presidency still alive,
his need to be president,
sparked a war,
yet the nation survived,
the government mutated,
and obscene,
the rights lost,
buried with the dead,
covered in blood,
the beginning,
when the presidency began to evolve,
into an elected king,
divinely inspired,
and gifted with magnificent skills,
in truth,
only a beggar,
and a liar,
no better than Honest Abe,
willing to do anything,
to become the president,
become the king.

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