Monday, August 17, 2015

Maciej Walkowiak- Three Poems

The American Dream

Immortality I seek without fame,
Love without pain,
Riches without blame,
to conquer without shame
rule the world with a single aim
till death that never came.

Black Bloc

Convince the slave that he is free,
a simple lie repeat, the key,
ground swells with single might,
standing before armies of men
clinching his fists
for here I am!

Freedom Man (Milton Friedman)

Emperor and machine,
O' the glory that you bring,
sustained by blood,
Quenched by the sweat,
Raised as an heir
Rule over us as you may,
To our souls disdain,
Shackle our mind
Rape from behind,
Win by default,
Rob me blind,
With a smile on my face,
O' mighty grace.

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