Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bradford Middleton- Two Poems


This last couple of months I’ve been looking
Looking for a new place to call home
A home I won’t freeze in during winter
A place I can hopefully get some sleep in the summer
Cos it’s nearly five years in here on the cost
And the only thing I’ll miss is my view

I’ve been looking, hoping to find somewhere else
Better and more comfortable than now so
I naturally decided to look at places that cost
A little bit more than now; I don’t care as I don’t
Pay most of it.  But some of these places...

I’ve lived in some hovels; a lot of people would argue
I still do now but some of these places
A kitchenette that is a portable two-hob plugged into the wall
A ceiling so low I could barely stretch
Lucky 13 or so I joked to the agent who spent
Ten whole minutes to get the key to work

The anticipation grew as I sneaked a peak
A glorious bathroom but shared with eight and right next door
Then the entrance, the grand finale, and holy shit
The first question I ask is how much? I almost laugh
When he tells me but part of me simply wants to throttle him
It’s so bad I might as well just turn away.


Waking to eat breakfast, hung-over, desperate for sustenance
And all you find in the cupboard is nothing
It was pay-day on Thursday and it seems I forgot to shop
So no food means breakfast will mean tea and a joint

After a couple of hours getting high on caffeine and weed
It’s time to go out, meet some friends who are visiting for the day
Within five minutes of meeting we’re in a pub
A pint one of them asks me?  Well, what do you think I say!

Within an hour I’ve knocked back three and feel dizzy, confused
Put simply I’m a mess.  Then we finally get to leave and at last
Breakfast, a huge fry-up of greasy hot vegetables can be had
Two o’clock Saturday afternoon and at last it is breakfast time just in time to help sober me up.

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