Saturday, August 22, 2015

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

humans, remember yourselves as children not monsters 
once we were children of the earth
now we're parasites
leeching from her everything
killing her, killing us;
but all some seem to care about is a piece
of paper that is easily burned
i won't stand in the
funeral pyres of the shadows of years past
destroy this earth and i will defend
money is only the basis of greed and corruption
i wish it didn't exist at all
wish that people could feed themselves without having
to worry about all the bills
wish they could
drink from wild waters without having to fear pollution
or disease—
i dreamed once that i saved an emperor from 
dying in a past life,
and once i dreamed that i killed monsters
to save children and give them 
back to their mothers,
once i dreamed of a corrupt church caught in the flames of
their greed,
and another time i dreamed of a betrayer
that tried to betray me
someone i thought of as a friend;
this earth is dying
i won't let the humans kill it
will shed this flesh become one with my spirit
burn brighter than the sun
free the world
of your corruption.

girl on fire  
you want to set me on fire
be my guest
i will rise again from
the flames
some people dance with fire,
but i am built from it;
the sun and stars and moon
wove me together in 
the summer 
the temperature is never too hot
for me to able to withstand
so go ahead
with your light me afire
i'll set your forest
i burn with a fiery passion that not 
even the galaxy could contain its why
i fell to earth from the stars
because i am meant
to change it,
and i will not bend to the selfish desires
of greed and lust
nor shall you manipulate me any 
i am no one's puppet
go ahead and pull the strings i cut them
when you stabbed me in the back;
i am going to change the 
so you don't want to get burned?
get out of my way,
fools like you could never understand.

we all matter 
i wish the rich
could feel
the heat of the poor
feel their heart beats as they
are forced to make
decisions that break them
and crush any desires of hopes and dreams
i hate to see the lifelessness in the eyes
of those who have given up
the real living dead that you'll never see
on amv;
heartache and struggles
still they endure
but their eyes sing to me of pain and dismay—
why do the rich deserve to be rich
if they do not help their fellow
how many yachts can one man possibly own
before it's enough to satiate the
open maw of ever continuing greed?
i want to punch holes
through every injustice in this world
help everyone who is suffering
because we are all connected and i don't see how
anyone can sleep so well at night
knowing that they didn't do anything to help
but i forget not everyone has my heart
not everyone understands my empathetic spirit;
just want to make the people who are numb feel and those
with eyes tightly shut to be forced to see: we all matter.

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