Saturday, August 15, 2015

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

just another soowon

i know you're so clever
always catching the eye of the
the masses all follow you
your charm and charisma ooze
prince and savior and white knight,
but you are a black knight;
i won't stop saying it
until the whole world knows that
perhaps, you thought i meant batman,
but let me make it clear
even darth vader
wouldn't shake hands with you;
you're just another coward
hiding behind a crown
just another
when the world needs another hak.


perhaps you think your weakness
makes you human
and maybe you're right in that,
but your cruelty
makes you
a monster;
the way you slap away anyone who wants
to love you and build oceans of
simply to protect yourself
an island of emotions and desire you can't
hope to tame
a wild beast threatened by his own
i don't pity you
because you shunned my humanity
so feel the fangs of my monster she's a scarlet
dragon, wouldn't you know?
you told me that you loved my red hair,
but i think that's all you loved
once you said that
you loved me;
but you killed my spirit and crushed my hopes
and dreams—
you are a villain, soowon, nothing more.

scarlet dragon

i threw away all the gifts you gave me
even my raven faerie that i loved
because i wasn't going to
give the past wings
to my future,
and while you will always be a part of me
in some small way
there's no reason for me to always
the most beautiful parts of you;
i need to remember the darkness in your eyes
as you shattered my dreams
so i can recollect
the pain and the tragedy and the anguish
i never want to endure again
so i can better
recognize predators like you—
you were charm and charisma and a twinge of imp
until i gave you everything you wanted
then you discarded me so quickly
as if i were trash,
but don't worry;
next time you see me i'll be on the wings of a red dragon
taking back the kingdom that is mine
you can have my dreams
no longer.

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