Monday, August 17, 2015

Melanie Browne- Two Poems

Free Speech and Cigarettes

"I'll have some
free speech and
a cigarette,"
I tell the man
at the bar,
He shines a
glass and
dumps in the
ice, pours it
out clear and
clean and sets
it in front of me,
should I start you
a tab? he asks,
nope, I say,
"that's it,"
that'll be nine bucks,
he says,
"hey I thought this
was free speech
happy hour,"
I say with an edge,
"you're five minutes
late," he says
walking to the
guy at the end
of the bar
who is
holding up
a hundred
dollar bill

After Summer

where do we go?
do we wander the
grassless prairie
& wait
for the
sound of horses,
you & I on
a blanket
after summer

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