Monday, August 24, 2015

Joseph Donnelly- Three Poems

Red and screaming
Red, tarnished, and screaming,
We open our eyes to family and strangers,
Wrapped in cloth,
Given over to the woman who will love us,
And all we can do is scream in her face,
Cause after nine months of living inside,
You’re so happy to see someone you know,
The emotion comes out wrong,

Cycle your nostalgia

People always rush
Going back in time
To old beds
Old friends
College meet ups
With linguistic skills
Better communication
Going back in time
Pretending things would be different
Not accepting the present
Be a boss
Be a director
Bring in important gestures
Bring to life awkward memories 
And smash them against the glass of nostalgia

Beads in Chinatown

Buy beads in Chinatown
Buy beads of sweat in August
The smell of the 2 Train pushing trash
Run down the coupons
Walk to Bowery to old establishments
Early morning bakery alms
St. Paul blessing the down and out
Italian accordions buzz late night hunger
A disappearing noise
Run up to the Empire State building and rest
Look out to the lights and absorb the energy like Superman
Wonder around the lower east side
To chess tables in parks

J.Donnelly lives and writes in Astoria, NY. His chapbook is titled "The ECW and other poems" contact him for a free Kindle copy. Thank you for reading


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