Thursday, August 13, 2015

Scott Thomas Outlar- Two Poems

Bread and Circus
Pay no mind
to the Pied Pipers
spewing that noxious nonsense
left and right

hanging by a memory
and fading fast
on the tired wings
of a broken eagle
in a dying empire

Jagged little edges
bleed out
blue and white
with crimson chaos
from the ruptured heart
of an overwhelmed system
built no better
than a house of cards

An ivory tower
made of glass
sure to shatter
from the stones
by fate alone

Destined to fall
since the first sin
in the garden

Made a deal
with the wrong side
of the scales
and karma
never fails
to hit the damned target

So say goodnight
and say goodbye
as the shroud of shadows
which you have hidden within
are dispersed
by the burning light
and your soul is weighed
against the feather
for final judgment

You thought
that you
were in control?

ha ha ha

You did not respect
the laws of nature

Woe be
unto those
who neglect
the higher truth
of love
and seek only to covet
the power
crown and throne

A Sky of Thorns
A blooming rose of impending doom
burns violent red
above the horizon
as a fiery harbinger,
casting sunburnt revelation fever
across the mercury-laced atmosphere
with heavy metal poison pouring down.

The Old Age
didn’t even have time
to leave a note
as the cold
cryogenic desire
toward absolute entropy
melted behind
the veil of silence,
releasing the sounds
of evolution
to pulse forth
from out the gene swarm soup.

Suffused with the fragrance
of fresh adaptation,
the primal urge
toward survival
flashed from the source
like a flood of white light,
awakening the soul
of a species at the brink
to rise from the ashes
of near disaster
and set a new sun
in the heart of the sky
where the thorns bleed
with a perfect love.

Scott Thomas Outlar fluxes and flows with the ever changing currents of the Tao River while laughing at and/or weeping over life's existential nature. He would like to know The Answers, but, you know, wouldn't everyone? To read more of his work, please visit:

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