Saturday, August 22, 2015

B.Z. Niditch- Three Poems


As shadows fall
near the mirror, coat
we are at the piano
when love's resinous notes
played for four hand Mozart
after a marathon jog
on an August day
in a run in from an ex
from another time,
wanting to play sax later
at a gig and club
as my notes dance
in a jackstraw mood
vibrating a curious 
up scaling 
flicker of streetlights
in a London fog
now speechless
from our chilled out tones
to sway smooth jazz
with muscled fire
as riffs flare out of breath.


Speak to pale clouds
give up your rain
and let your poets
recite their lines
after every sad mood,
speak to the sun
up to the ropes
of every scaffold universe
let your friends
who want to live
enjoy their rhythm
in their sax riffs,
stay back 
at soccer games
when a new voice
is heard above the cheers
for all these lover's quarrels
will be pale beside
the wet concrete,
a canary is out 
of his cage
and latte aromas
will again fill 
the breakfast nook.


The bow's notes
on my jazz violin sonata
in my mind and head
turns on an intermezzo
for inspiration
the wind glimmers at me
by an ex lover's picture
taken at my recital
wishing forget- me- not notes
in last night's dream
of swaggering spiders
over the kayak
on stretched out hours
over once bare iced sheets
in a blanketing of memory
at love's outsider trading
near the visiting outback
by a betrayer's voice
on my sofa's cushion
bathed in candlelight
at my sound proof studio.

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