Monday, August 17, 2015

Maciej Walkowiak- Three Poems

Trojan Horse

Romanced by Plutarch's' finest,
"Audacity of hope"
won't clothe the nude,
warm the frigid nights,
a leader without might,
white flag, no fight.
You preach peace as you rape
prosperity as you steal
freedom, as you kill.
Faceless words by mighty men
behind closed doors, a master plan,
horde it all as we go without,
Macchivellian dream without a doubt.

"Professional Citizen"

You cling to the flag
for have nothing left
honoring a pact, only you made.
Dogma...tradition...fester with age
walled in from outside, Xenophobe rage
feudalist dreams
all of you phony libertines!

The Idiot Box

Our mission statement please?
Divide, Distract, Deceive!
You yell, I point
virtue to vice
hero to zero
From fiction to fact
the truth abstract

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