Monday, August 10, 2015

Randall Rogers- Three Poems

The Talented Star

You've read and
experienced so
much when you
do write your mind
is a jumble and
the unique you
and the weight of
the mass of what
you think you don't
know, how it informs
and works upon you,
melds into something
pithy (or not) and
interestingly beyond
you.  And is eagerly
swallowed up by all
hanging now upon
your every word.

Yep, time to start
thinkin' 'bout suicide.

Laws, Goddammit

There's certain human
created laws must be
broken (or we gotta break)
for significant (statistically measureable)
positive change or
not negative (negative dystopian)
Human discovered
so called "natural"
physical scientifically
valid (for now) "laws"
to be continually altered.
Never get me no sleep
or peace of mind.

The Never Ending Poem

Must stop the ruminating
Poetry Mind! or again
grab the pen and
notebook and write
more - again, and

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