Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Scott Thomas Outlar- A Poem

Bigger Bang for the Buck
Prelude to a revolution
during this dark age interlude
since the last revelation
swept renaissance
through the hearts and minds
of a species
that was fed up
filled to the gills
flayed on the cross of ignorance
fried in a pan of splintered oil
by devious false idols
by masquerading
as royal gods
that were really
to the core
full of cancer
black maggot virus
a worm in the system
a lie in the core of the apple

So sick and tired
of fucking around with the shadows
in the fallen garden
of ivory and gold
Ready to ignite
a new dawn
as neurons dance
enflamed with the theory
of evolution’s enlightenment

A cosmic epiphany
sung from the celestial spheres
The holy orchestra
smashing sounds like atoms
spreading the rhythm
of synchronistic alignment
sending out symphonic notes as dust
to drift through
the pulsing plasma
of empty space
and be molded as clay
into higher forms of melodic ascension

We are all made of stars
with a glimmer and shine
that cannot be snuffed out
A tangerine shimmer
of liquid sunshine
Solar rays of source electricity
coursing as tidal waves
through a river of blood
enchanted by the very breath of life

A whisper, A word, A vibration, An ignition, An explosion

Scott Thomas Outlar usually tries to just stay mum and keep his trap shut...but sometimes the universe has other plans for his loaded tongue. More of his mild-mannered verse can be found at

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  1. I love the close of this poem! - Laura M Kaminski