Saturday, August 29, 2015

Douglas Polk- Two Poems


half the nation left behind,
paying taxes,
and dealing with crime,
while the president fiddles,
read of Rome,
and its collapse,
fools never learn the lessons,
history teaches,
ignorant of the past,
only parasites and leeches,
no borders,
no debt,
a burden to avoid,
a duty to shun,
instead disable the police,
and outlaw the guns,
trust the key,
the enemy,
in lockstep march to the future,
half the nation left behind.


if black lives are to matter,
then laws must not,
and consequence,
it does not matter,
break the law,
and show no respect,
black lives matter,
but not to other blacks,
without attention,
without any thought,
a phony scandal,
cynical the protest,
the truth hid,
along with the circumstances,
again and again.

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