Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Maciej Walkowiak- Three Poems


Feeble minds lead and blind
war of vice and virtue, no end in sight,
walking a path against the current,
wind brings us down
rise again, or change your way
conformity in rest,
resistance is feudal they say,
industrial scale of thoughts,
how long can one fight?
or should we join the ranks of fright.

Humanity Gone Awry

There is beauty in this world
it lies between solidarity of men
pursuit of.....a better,
grasp above own a noble deed,
the love of other.
Yet you stand on shoulders of misery
to make yourself tall,
no bottom to your greed
on the edge of madness
you dance and pirouette,
while most toil for crumbs.

Cannibals & Co

Crooks in suits on the loose
steal at will from the youth
Law for sale if you please
all with say on your knees!
Kleptocratic business plan
take it all if you can.

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