Thursday, August 28, 2014

Victor Henry- A Poem

A man leaning against the sky
Stumbles fool heartedly forward
Into the shallow abyss of his mind.
Lost in memory’s lament.
He hears the desperate cry of his heart.
Fading fast from a lack of light,
Becoming a muted muffle
in the cold, dark night,
his black hole, his soul lost.
He has nothing left to offer the world.
His hands crippled in age
Have less to hold on to now.
His love for her, in the absence of her,
A still life memory.  

Bio: Victor Henry’s work has appeared in various small press magazines and e-zines. He is a reference librarian, a Vietnam veteran, and a member of Veterans for Peace. His work has recently appeared in Dead Snakes.


  1. Vito: Good to see more of your poetry online!

  2. Very melancholy tone. This poor man's falling into the recesses of his mind as it fades away from him. He's losing his will to hold on as his memories fade. And now that the love of his life is gone, what's left to hold on for anyway. :(. Great poem!