Thursday, August 7, 2014

Craig Stormont- Three Poems

the flow

the only natural constant in our world is change
like the stars that appear
at evening time
only to fade before daybreak
or the wind
that howls past
more severe than a breeze
and tides that recede
then return
as with birds
after cold winters

the greatest task we face
is adapting to continual alteration
benign or catastrophic
to succeed at this is the true mark of mastering life
and becoming


the age of insanity is ours
ring a bell
a neighbor makes chopped meat
out of someone’s friend – somewhere
fills the woodchipper
or plans a public explosion
in the name of god
I don’t want to meet them
I’ll shy away
the ocean is better
they go there to swim
and forget
or remember
not to kill
more human
- a dream
few killings at the beach
except fish
you can swim – away

when it’s late
it’s beyond words
like you belong
at home
it can fool you

The Bacchanal

working the use of time
a reverie more in order
some sensible bacchanal
a Dionysian charge
an afternoon better spent
considering time limits
subconscious binary to lent
or any lunatic in a suits’
suggestion of order
contradicting earth’s present chaos
in the year of our lord terrorism and bomb em’
feeding the bureaucracy for pay
appeasing the frightened
after frightening them
while crows will gather in orchards
squawking at looming dark October skies
brought by false knowledge
the bombardment to condition
and sell brings
feeding the machine for profit
without considering cost
the babbling brook is contaminated
water is no longer free
watch out for Ebola
rinse chemicals off the grapes
pass the goddamn wine

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