Sunday, August 3, 2014

Janne Karlsson- Two Poems

my girlfriend

stared at me, screaming:

"you are disgusting.
i saw your drawings, janne.

you are a fucking perv."

then she fled the apartment,
slamming the door.

one week later
she cheated on me
with my best friend.


fucking disgusting.

i came home after work

and my girlfriend
greeted me
in the hallway

she looked hideous,
like a witch.

"what the hell is this?", i asked,
not in a rude way,
mark my words.

"fuck you!", she screamed,
left my apartment,

and slammed the door shut.

apparently she´d been shoving
makeup on her face all day
to look good for me.

didn´t work, baby.

didn´t work.

Janne Karlsson (1973) is a groovy inktainted bastard who deserves a whole lotta love. He strongly urges you to buy his books of artwork and comics at or his fanzines at

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