Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sara Tantlinger- Three Poems

You scorch me
with soft smiles
that slowly melt
like wax wings
in the desert.

With charred body
I follow your shadow
fleet sailing through
sand into the dark
valley of your heart.

You greet me
with whispering fire
before you feast
on the burnt
flesh of me.

Sparrow Spine

The sparrow cracks,
And its spine splinters
Open like a fallen
Wasp nest –
Swarming inside, 
Feathers stained
In Sangria hues.

Vegas Spatter

Leave me in Vegas,
where my blood mixes
into shimmering confetti.

I spend the night cracking
apart in the cascading glitter
of a prostitute’s split skin.

Her liquid becomes my paint,
and I spatter a crimson showgirl 
costume onto my body.

Sara Tantlinger can often be found with a cup of tea, writing odd things at night. Her most recent works are found in Eye Contact and Apocrypha and Abstractions. She is pursuing her MFA in Seton Hill’s Writing Popular Fiction program. 

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