Saturday, August 9, 2014

Simon Anton Nino Diego Baena- 3 Poems


Their metropolis is bruised, flat,
distant, grey— here,

where the sky needs 
no birds, you see 

the entire landscape
of steel and glass heavy

with the digital pulse of crimes.
And you submit to its rhythm

of nihilism; you drown
yourself in its noise, becoming

one of its fragments,
in order for it to breathe.


In the empty space 

your breath 

and the crucifix
there is only 

the sound 
of the creaking 

door swinging  
to and fro

like a rusty pendulum
of the antique clock

as you remain 

with your own 


The stone cathedral closes its door 
after dusk, but you keep 

on knocking, hoping 
that it might open 

and fill the absence
of a god in a child's quest 

for permanence:
a sun that never sets 

for his father
to live again.  


—Simon Anton Nino Diego Baena
Some of his works have already been published in Red River Review, The Philippines Free Press, Philippines Graphic magazine, Eastlit, Dagmay, and Kabisdak

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