Saturday, August 23, 2014

Douglas Polk- Three Poems


a fog mysteriously appears,
sodden and dank,
obscuring both thought and vision,
isolated in a surreal world of darkness,
though the sun continues to shine.
A Tangent

the world exploding,
a Summer blockbuster of blood and gore,
us and them,
hats both black and white,
but the good guys not so easy to spot,
planes shot from the sky,
people beheaded,
and even crucified,
biblical in a sense,
white, black, yellow and brown,
rage at each other,
the evil grows,
the silence deafening as the world explodes,
the evil divides,
leaving each alone with their soul,
a flickering candle,
in the dark of night.

the fireflies have fled,
the magic is gone,
replaced by the buzz of the cicada,
thus the first frost,
only six weeks away,
hard to believe in this scorching sun,
triple digit temperatures,
no rain in weeks,
the magic gone,
the fireflies have fled.

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