Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Brendon Young- Three Poems


In the night there is the darkness,
that sometimes dwell within the heart,
with the coldness of the raindrops,
a new height of lowness is reached,
with wet disdain and angry breath,
the journey is just a stepping stone,
with lifes ill-timed quest for grandeur
all it takes is a slip of the tongue.


So what does it take to renew the life, 
that was changed from friendship and bliss,
a life now full of heartache and pain,
surrounded by long knives of mistrust,
nothing resembles the younger years,
when fascinating flowers bloomed on tables,
when every question was answered by two
and every song, sung in a duet,
bike rides would become terrific trips,
where lonesome limbs would never exist,
arms ending in loving clasped hands,
feet marching to a singular beat.

But now none of this is present,
nowhere to be seen by engaging eyes,
backs now meet and greet each other,
eye contact a thing of the distant past,
hands and feet stay in solitude,
flowers bloom on tables no more,
hearts cry out in dual pain
and tears drop down on lonely pictures.


The nice city life, ha with big buildings,
lots of noise everywhere with arrogant people,
people shouting whilst honking horns
and fast food outlets selling death,
crowded sidewalks with failing feet,
grey everywhere with long halls,
clustered living in smoke filled air,
sewers and drains filled with tears and sorrow.

The country life, nice in a cozy cabin,
lots of trees with birds singing melodiously,
people fishing and telling stories,
lakes hold water that breed new life,
scenic walkways with fervent feet,
colors explode in flora and fauna,
spacious living in clean fresh air,
where rivers and streams help purify the soul.
Brendon Young is an aspiring poet from the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago, when he is not writing poems he is busy rescuing persons from house fires and accidents.

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