Sunday, August 3, 2014

Linda M. Crate- Two Poems

my mistake was you 
Youth is full of lost moments rife with consequence.
Opals falling through sterling silver fingers.
Usually without the realization that all our actions effect others.
Rose tinted glasses swing so gaily it's hard to focus on the heart of truth.

Lemons, too, hold a beauty before the sourness corrupts.
Ocean waves have a loveliness beyond their reckoning of chaos. 
So, it was, with you. 
Something in those pale blue eyes spoke directly to my soul.

Not realizing that you'd be the one to destroy me when i compromised myself.
Ovules of darkened halo light hanging to remind me of my failure.
Truth is, people will always hurt you, but you weren't someone worth suffering for. 

Maybe i put you on too high a pedestal that when reality crashed in it destroyed us both.
Innocence was lost like my voice in the wind of your ears.
Never have i said i didn't make mistakes, but you didn't need to ruin me. 
Everything happens for a reason, and i think that reason is so i never fall for any like you again.

the terror of humanity 
Iridescent light, pale and blue as a subdued ocean were the color of your eyes. 

Dirt caked stones of the darkest brown coffee beans were the torch of mine.
Over and over again you told me they were beautiful, as interesting as the coffee you drank.

Now you rarely drink coffee, and perhaps that's why you lost interest in me.
Of course, that's a silly notion, but maybe it's right, for it's the little things that matter.
Though, if that's the case, it's quite unfair; i never asked for my eyes to be your coffee.

Mists of the palest water remind me of the whispers we once shared.
Intriguing how time is kinder to those whom we once knew than what they really are.
Still not sure why i'm sharing this with you because it's not like you'll ever read it.
So convinced that you are right that you'll never see the monster you truly are.

Youth, they say, is wasted on the young and i can certainly see why.
Obtuse desires, all these doubts, acting on pale reflections that are only part truths or full lies.
Understanding lies behind the wisdom of all the pain we've suffered.

And you made me endure quite a bit of agony when the end of us came swirling to life.
Never has anyone caused me such suffering as your calloused heart. 
Yonder in the clouds there are stars that burn with their bright torches even they are kinder.
Monsters aren't always the things clawing in the dark sometimes they're just you and me.
Often i find that the true monsters are burdened only by human flesh.
Recompense for our ability to master vernacular and skills, mayhaps?
Eerie how something that can be so beautiful can turn into something so terrifying.

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