Monday, August 25, 2014

Brenton Booth- Three Poems


You want to scream
but you can’t
you want to cry
but your ability has gone
you want to kill
but that would make you
just like them.


You get these poets
that imagine writing
to be a courageous and
brilliant thing
that their words are
essential for the world
to hear
that they are great gods
forged by the heavens
to make things right;
which really sounds
quite ridiculous—
but no more ridiculous
than most the things we
accept as truths:
and far less destructive.


It started pouring down thick
sheets of water and it was
8:09pm on Boxing Day 2010
and both my feet had calluses
and I’d just finished a 50 hour
week and would begin another
one tomorrow and I looked at
my Christmas present
it was a Randy Couture figure
I then thought of when I went
to Las Vegas and trained at his
sparring in his cage and doing
reasonably well—
though we all have our victories,
most smaller than we’d like
though big enough to allow
us to keep them out of the reach
of others
and tonight like everyone else
I know another year will be gone
in a week
and I hold on to whatever I can
to keep me going.

Bio: Brenton Booth lives in Sydney, Australia. Poetry and fiction of his has appeared in a variety of publications.

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