Thursday, August 7, 2014

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

Holy Jihad

ideologies in conflict,
though Christianity and Islam both agree,
it is hard for a rich man to go to heaven,
easier a camel through a needle's eye,
this Jihad righteous,
and holy,
killing every day,
keeping the people in poverty,
terrified and afraid,
heaven still within their grasp.
A Lady of Mexico

she worked as a cashier in the neighborhood store,
 kind and smiling,
while ringing up groceries day after day,
beautiful and dignified among the mundane,
foreign and elegant upon these common plains,
I found when she was working,
I would steer to her line,
we would chat as the groceries were sacked,
she talked of Mexico,
creating colors vivid and bold,
a land of enchantment,
with sacred pageants,
and traditions revered,
by both young and old,
a land of sun,
and sea,
civilizations ancient,
the land long tamed,
only barely,
by empires and magnificent kings,
of long ago,
Spanish in both culture and thought,
she talked of Mexico,
eloquent and bold.

the dog days of summer,
stifling hot,
with milky eyed snakes,
a time for iced tea,
and air conditioning,
the pace of life slows,
the elderly,
wise and experienced,
savor the days,
instead of complain,
knowing the memories of the dog days of summer,
will keep them warm through the long cold winter nights.

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