Thursday, August 14, 2014

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

Only Lies

reality written,
only lies,
history told by the winners,
distorted through bias eyes,
numbers and statistics,
only tools to support a view,
reality seen out of the corner of the eye,
or overlooked,
too many times,
an end which justifies the means,
but in true,
only lies.

Pope John XXIII

Pope John XXIII,
an old time Catholic,
and defender of the faith,
when God's love inspired a soul to attempt to attain perfection,
though the dream impossible,
and the struggle endless,
the desire remained to justify God's love,
the fault with man,
not with God,

in today's age,
God's love inspires souls to demand proof of His love,
through his blessed mercy,
word games,
and philosophical arguments used to trap a God,
who spoke of love,
the fault with God,
not with man,
creating us the way we are,
creatures trapped in bodies,
overwhelmed by needs,
Pope John XXIII,
please pray for me.


in the darkness of night,
listen to the corn grow,
ghosts walk the cornrows outside my bedroom window,
reminding the living,
we are not alone,
the land is not ours,
but we are the land's,
ghosts walking the cornrows.

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