Thursday, August 7, 2014

Miles Rothwell- Three Poems

...falling feathers at hand
on the sea of relaxation.
Coupled are our thoughts,
extending all our realities.
Watchful swans of indulgence
unleash their inner strength.
Lucid creatures run from the dark,
and before long everyone will hear
the bells of my martyrdom ringing loud…

The stillness of my silence
creeping over the night.
Resting on my Zen cushion,
finding truth amongst the mist.
Beginning; reborn once again.
Looking at the present with light.
Living without the freeze of youth and doubt,
escaping past modes with anger and flight.
The drum of the bell summoning hearts
containing its puzzle against the self.
A koan of reluctance
remembered for patience.
Strength in one’s posture
while all around is…

Daily Blazes once said to Paddy McGee;
“I hope that portrait is going well.”
Paddy looked down at his sturgeon boots.
“Not so complete,” he said looking at his tired feet.
Hot cement underfoot, his crumpled handkerchief
not far from his nose. He cleared his throat,
phlegm knotted and raw.
“It’s not a Rembrandt, of that I’m sure.”
To which Daily replied, “Well why would it be?
Anyway, Dali’s my man, all scary and clean.”
“Yet Monet walked a ray of light,
and Cezanne’s fruit were a sheer delight.”
“Klee, Miro and Leger played tricks,
but give me Kandinsky or the lavender Whitely.”
“An Artists life for me, if it could have been,
all that suffering and fright.
If only I’d studied or toured Provence.”
Brief Bio:

I impressed a primary school teacher with a poem titled 'Snow' and then in my late teens won a school poetry competition. When the band Talking Heads released 'Remain In Light', I became obsessed with writing lyrics. After reading Joyce's 'Ulysses', I knew I wanted to become an author. 
I am the proud father of Alexandra and Tristan. Other interests are music, sport and going to the beach.  I quite often pretend to know a lot about wine. The kids and I like going on holidays, especially the South Coast of NSW.
I rank making Spike Milligan laugh at an ABC shop book signing as one of my greatest personal moments.


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