Monday, August 25, 2014

Jason Constantine Ford- A Poem

Telepathic Clones

A central machine is feeding clones with a message
That they can relate to each other without a word
As newly created commands make the passage
From one clone to the next regarding what is inferred.
Through portal of a microchip, clones communicate
To one another without words as fate’s hands designate
Tasks to sleeper cells with deadly desires driven.

Intellects are being fed with the objective
Of releasing the flu and disguising its features
As an outbreak of cholera most infective
Unto a state of blindness among many creatures.
An enhanced microchip creates a vital link
Between different clones who begin to think
As one regarding a task already given. 

In the early morn, a virus infects each database
Which tracks the identities of ones with the flue
And removes its existence without a trace
To be replaced with cholera nobody knew.
As governments try to fight cholera non-existent,
Signals between clones become more persistent
In the form of a command to obtain a final goal.

Through telepathic channels that remain unknown
To other forms of life, the clones are able to devise
A strategy of polluting water in every zone
Of human beings destined for their own demise.
On a night when cholera is thought to be spreading,
Allotted agents of death are slowly treading
Through a dam with defences cut by a gaping hole.

Jason Constantine Ford, Telepathic Clones, posted on June 10, 2014 for the June 2014 edition of The Rain, Party and Disaster Society, , June, 2014.

Biographical Note: Jason Constantine Ford is from Perth in Australia. He writes for the love of writing. His major influences poetry and fiction are Edgar Alan Poe, William Blake and Gerard Manley Hopkins. Most of his poetry is rhyming poetry as he is dedicated to it. He also writes fiction. His main influences for fiction are Edgar Alan Poe and Phillip K. Dick. Jason is interested in the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.

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