Monday, August 25, 2014

Jon Bennett- Three Poems


Waiting in line at the EDD
I see a man out the window
retrieve a safety razor
and a bar of soap
from one of the disused
newspaper machines
He comes inside
and the security guard
lets him in the bathroom
When he comes out
he notices me watching
looks me up and down
“So it begins,” he says
Or so it ends.

Carrie’s Teeth

The money’s gone
the friends are gone
and all that’s left is meth
“Hi Jon!” she says,
trying not to smile
Stalactites of teeth
eroded needles
the first thing
to disappear.

Heroes and Zeros
Every couple of years a certain ex of mine
calls to tell me she’s fine
Her kids are good and her husband is awesome
and she asks how I am and I say
“It’s OK.”
This time when she called she said,
“You were there when my dad died,
and I was thinking…”
Her brother had died.  He’d been working
as an enforcer for a bookie running
fantasy football bets.
It seems ironic
to have your legs broken
for making fantasy football bets,
but my mom is the one dying now
so I tell her,
“It’s not OK.”
She tells me it is, or at least it will be
but she’s wrong.
This is what happens when you get older
the strongest grow weak
and the weakest go down.

Jon Bennett writes poems, novels and music in San Francisco's Chinatown.  His sci-fi book "The Unfat," and his second cd, "Submarine" (which he realizes has some problems), are on sale at Amazon.  Conjoin with him on Facebook at

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