Saturday, August 2, 2014

Joseph Donnelly- Two Poems

Chomping at the bit
Saws are a beautiful piece of human invention
Containing a dark side, an ugly side
You fear the non-judgmental mechanics
One slip and they will devastate
Creation and destruction all rolled into one toothy smile
They the serial killers of the tool world
Picking the burliest victims
The true hearted folk working with mahogany and pine
They shower you in fingerless gloves
Trained rapper
Sixteen year old rapper
Selling fruit snacks on the train
Buying studio time
Teeth in place
Speaking out to sympathetic travelers
He is trounced by the meth head
Beaten with dough hands and clawed fingernails
Now rising again
Fear and anger
Pen and paper
To cloud the fugitives attack
Circular lyrical manifest destiny
He runs back to the train
Busting down the doors
As he enters
As he entertains

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