Saturday, May 30, 2015

Travis Patton- Three Poems

American Dream
Get up every morning
ready to defend the American Dream
eat a hot apple pie
play a game of Baseball
polish my shotgun collection
hop on my sweet ride
fly Liberty the giant bald eagle to work
arrive fifteen minutes late
Starbucks smoldering in one hand
McDonald's scorching the other
recite the pledge of allegiance
sing the national anthem
lunch time
lettuce in my lunch bag
nose is like a bloodhound's
Ivan's got cabbage
report him to Obama
no room in this country
for communist filth

 Move on
Clinging to the past
Only limits your horizons.
Many fail to realize that
Moving on is the key to
Unlocking your potential.
Nobody has succeeded by
Ingesting cabbage while drowning in
Make sure you look toward the future.
It is better to lose a toxic person than
Subject yourself to the pain that person causes.
Realistically, it will hurt,
Emptiness will sting you.
At first, 
Letting go will make you feel
Like your lettuce has been stolen.
You will recover. You need to move on.
But some things are
Addictive by nature.
Don’t forget to read the first letter of each line.

Carson Castillo the crimson clad cabbage crunching communist
commonly called C2 can't quit causing chaos,
constantly creating Commie CompoundsTM,
carelessly corrupting curious kids,
cultivating cabbage crops,
cruelly committing communistic crimes
and claiming capitalism causes cancers,
car crashes, cannibalism, and cancelled cable.
Carson crazily claims convenient qualities of cabbage,
Cabbage causes calmness, cures cramps, 
Carson cries conspicuously,
Cabbage constructs creativity, creates competence,
helps Communism crush crappy capitalist countries!
C2 chuckles charmingly, causing countless commies
to cry contently at Carson's coolness. 

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