Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ross Vassilev- A Poem

vaginal yeast insurrection

I hate people
and I don't shower too often
and I hate people
and I'm always giving the finger
to the neighbors upstairs
                when I see them
and sometimes I bang on the ceiling with a broom handle
and 9/11 was the day
that supposedly changed everything
but America is still bombing and invading
other countries
so really it changed nothing
and everybody knows
that everything that goes around comes around
and Lou Reed is dead, dammit
and people still go to work
every morning
driving or
riding the bus or Amtrak
and inflation is a terrible thing
for those (like me) who refuse to let themselves
be slowly killed off
by the meatgrinder of work
and I'm waiting for some military clown
to tell me to my face
that he's fighting for my freedom
but somehow they never have the guts
I think in a previous life
I was Iggy Pop
or maybe Jack the Ripper
or at least I like to think so.

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