Friday, May 15, 2015

Robin C. Pinkman- A Poem

  Upon the Death of BB King
 The street doesn't give a single inch
 the long sustain is diminished and
 depletes itself of necessity with the
 old woman who lives all over the
 place around here  she finally stops
 moaning when the sun comes up,
 or the cops come around  she has no
 idea what she's growling at, but i
 do, and so don't mind if she goes on
 for as long as i live around here

 but the morning doesn't give a  
 single inch, as the spring time  
 sticks out all over, and never even
 learns to smile big  and strum  and
 pass out picks to children, and well
 wishers in cities and towns  and has
 to twist and fill the early distance
 with monuments to accident and
 utility over rivers  the die is cast it
 might say  and nothing to be done.

                         Portland 5/15/15

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