Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ramona Thompson- Two Poems

Hiss Fight
No, I won't be pulled in
Dragged down
To your level
Fangs won't be barred
In fury and drama
I will not live
When all I've ever sought
In my life is peace
Get behind me, devil
This angel won't fall
I'll raise above
No venom
In my veins
I resist your poison
I flick away your bite
To your false and fatal charms
No prey will I be
I am strong
In my faith
These angel wings
Beat every time
Satan's claws
You can crawl
Low down as always
On your belly
I'll do as I have always
Stand tall
Free from you and your games
So pitiful
You hide in human flesh
A spirit of vile and spit
Choosing to hate
Instead of love
You are a monster
But not one I'll ever fear
Creature of darkness
Get outta my light
Darken not my day
With your cruel night
You can play
All you want
Just know
This endless and bitter game
You will play
Forever alone
2015 RamonaThompson
Ramona Anaconda
Get back
I'm dangerous
Fangs drawn
Angry venom spitting
Back me into a corner
I'll fight back
No going down
My rights are mine
And I'll stand for them
Swallow whole
Your every argument
Watch for me
I'm slippery
Slick and fast
I take no bullshit
I'm lean and I'm mean
Bite me
I'll bite right back
No ifs ands or buts
To beat me
Honey, you better
Be made of steel
I don't crawl
I don't slink
I'm a beast
Attack and I'll attack too
Rough skin
Monster of an attitude
Don't wanna dare
Mess with mine
Cause I'm s-s-s-scary
My hissy fit
Like none other you've ever seen before
Tougher then tough
I strike hard
Deadly weapon
Call me a bitch
I don't care
I don't give a ....
I'll eat you alive
No coward here
Come into my jungle
And player
You gonna get played
Cause ain't no one
Plays the game
Quite like Ramona Anaconda
2015 Ramona Thompson

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