Thursday, May 7, 2015

Benjamin Biesek- A Poem

Bell Flower

In place
of the flowers is a grave.
The grave was built soon,
in the coming days. The mountains
that flank the cemetery are crying
tears of agony. They are not happy,
these mountains.

In lieu of money
I have poetry, but some
money comes my way when
I behave. The tranquility
of night is like money,
it is worth so much. 
Is it the case that night is
worth more than money?

In the fighting of my life
I did not quite understand life.
I thought of life as a battle
or a game. There were
players on the board
and it made me happy to
manipulate as I saw fit,
the best I could. Then
the winters came, winters
of my mind, tormenting torrents
of rain and sleet and snow.

Bio: "Benjamin Biesek is a California poet with poems in the small presses off/on since 2007. Biesek is also a freelance editor of poetry and prose."

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