Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Noel Negele- Two Poems


Young lady
Life-filled walk
Careless expression of ease
A smile widening 
Shrinking, always there though
More or less
When happy
One beams of it

The junky asked for food,
Kindness and tolerance
The lady was there for him
The best version of herself
Took him by the hand
The same hand that trembles at night
Trying hard not to make another mistake

And in the shop she asked from him to choose
And the junky chose
And as soon as food was on his hand
He devoured ashamed and grateful
And the lady exited and left
The same happiness showing as before
Not fazed nor faded
In the least

I tell you
That soft smile
Could break the cruelty
Could shrivel the madness
And if she cried
It was more poetic than violins
More poetic than the rivers running smoothly

And when she came my way
I made room 
And she passed
And I turned and stared at the back of this life
That slid on the surface of grass
While we crawled in the mud
Forever walking away from me
And I kept going and looked at the junky
And he looked back-
We both knew what was missing.


You reach a point in sadness
where you wish
you were insane enough
not to notice it anymore

No matter how deep you dive
how fast you run

how much love you harvest
how much kindness you consume

loneliness is still there
it's in your shadow

cruel and unadulterated 
by your attempts to escape it

through the bottle

through anything beautiful
that lasts for so little time

it pours on you
spreads in you
envelopes around you

it feasts on the faces
plunders the house
throttles the joviality

it reminds you of the end
mirrors the futility

there's nothing more patient
truthful and irreproachable

than the human loneliness

and it probably follows you
all the way to your dying

and in your soul
it roots
the only thing
that will
cease the monotony 
of the void

the only thing
that will 
escort you
in your travel

all the rest 
is a provisional illusion
an interval from the inevitable



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