Friday, May 29, 2015

David Subacchi- Three Poems


Where the Great Plains
Meet the Rocky Mountains
Wyoming has always
Intrigued me, it resounds
From Gannett Peak
To the Belle Fourche
River Valley, it echoes
From the Big Horn
To the Black Hills
Wyoming of the Snowy
And Sierra Madre ranges
Its vast expanses
Almost half owned
By the US Government

And Wyoming
Where political history
Is not easily

Beautiful, mysterious Wyoming
Of Parks and lakes
With thirty two islands

That was the first state
To give women
The right to vote
As far back
As 1869.


Had I words
Needle sharp
To pierce
Each layer of skin

I’d press them
Into your flesh
Not to harm
Just to tease

Had I kisses
Sweet as dessert wine
To moisten
Those crimson lips

I’d pour them
Into your mouth
Not to drown
But to please

And to let you taste
Each drop of passion
In my soul.


When night falls
Faster than the guillotine blade
Or stones hitting water
Then injustice gnaws
Cheated of dusk
Robbed of sunset

When night falls
Slower than the kettle’s boil
Or waiting for buses
Then frustration tortures
The moon and stars
Are delayed

When night falls
In accordance with the season
Or quite predictably
Then boredom overcomes
And inspiration
Fades away.


David Subacchi studied at the University of Liverpool.  He was born in Wales of Italian roots and writes in English, Welsh and Italian.  Cestrian Press has published two collections of his poems. ‘First Cut’ (2012) and ‘Hiding in Shadows’ (2014).

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