Saturday, May 16, 2015

Joseph Donnelly- Three Poems

Awkward cells change

why do I cringe at old photographs
If our molecules replace themselves,
All those years past
A new person exists
cell structured wormholes
with DNA breadcrumbs
to disappear years
and evolving minds

The fear of asking for directions
Words are too honest
Discovering lies and semi-truths
Examples are harsh but needed
Then you will find the highway
Unlock the doors and roll down the windows
Ask why, be ignorant, no question is a dumb question
Unless you are a politician
A news anchor
Fearful allegations and unwanted sentences
A good map is hard to come by
Yet they exist
Beaming out stop signs and U-turns

Leaving winter

Sleet puddles
Loud noises
Car horns
Blasting weather
Cranky patrons
Food delivery
Good television
Bad visibility
Awful neighbors
Sad snowshoes
Salty boots
Savory radiators
Folding newspapers
Radio jazz
Sunday sports
Hopeful baskets
High wires
Loving feelings
Ignorant subwoofers
Sleepy evenings
Early bedtime
Nightly rituals
Weekend doldrums

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