Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Keith Wesley Combs- A Poem

a place to find some peace.

strolling the streets
looking for a few thrills.
past the open all night diners
the streetwalkers-
the pedophiles
scouting for their next victim.
I walk into a bar
occupied by bikers
drug dealers
horny women looking to fill
their pants
with drunken members
and wads of cash.
this is my place.
my new redemption.
the only place
where I can relieve the stress
that drives me closer
to insanity.
I am here.
I am where I belong.
trapped in the moment.
soon everything I dread
will vanish
and will wake in the morning
to find nothing has changed
but I have this flash
of life
to keep me from fading
in this burning hell
biding my time
until the instant comes
when I am at peace
in pieces
like I've always desired
to be.

Keith Wesley Combs is a union painter who likes to write poetry and short stories
in his spare time. He likes to write about his life, life in general and all the bullshit
that happens out on the street. His poetry has appeared in Main Street Rag, Cokefish,
The Homestead Review, Black Book Press, Pearl, Struggle, The Sheltered Poet, Record
Magazine, Carcinogenic Poetry and many more with more to come.

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