Monday, May 25, 2015

Kurt Nimmo- Two Poems


as I
sit here
with a broken typewriter
a battleship
a barricade.

no thing
not anything

Christ, the lack of talent
and the blue eye stupidity of the moment.

or very little.

a glass of water
carelessly knocked over
and a folded pack of matches
straightening this old table
a plumb line

I write nothing.

socially retarded

I was
the crazy kid.
I saw things other kids
didn’t see.

I saw a flying saucer.

the one I saw
didn’t look like a saucer or a pie tin.
it looked like a cigar
with lights spinning around.

I saw it. nobody else did.

I spent
a lot of time alone
out in the backyard

adults and other kids made me nervous.

when I told them about it
they did not believe me.

I was that crazy kid

who was in therapy. they flunked me
at the grade school because it was determined

I was socially retarded.

which meant
I didn’t like the teachers or the other kids.
it was said I would probably
benefit from therapy.

I didn’t.

I saw a flying saucer
and when I talked about it
they started in on the therapy thing again
but I wasn’t forced to see a shrink
because my old man
was sick and tired of paying for
something that
did not work.

so it was decided
the best thing was to leave me alone
out there in the backyard under the stars

which was fine by me.

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