Friday, May 29, 2015

Richard Schnap- Two Poems


She wandered the aisles
Of the supermarket looking
For a product not made anymore

Wearing a dress
She bought at a thrift store
Out of fashion for over a decade

And when she left
She headed for a flower shop
That had closed its doors long ago

Next door to a theatre
Where she used to watch films
That was now just a vacant lot

And when she got home
She thought of calling
A friend from the distant past

But reached someone
With the same name and voice
That didn’t remember her at all


I hear it in the ring
Of the phone at 3 am
That answers to silence

I hear it in the smash
Of a glass bottle breaking
While a hard voice swears

I hear it in the cry
Of a cold hungry child
As its mother begs for change

I hear it in the howl
Of a dog that’s lost
In the heart of a storm

I hear it in the wail
Of a police car’s siren
That keeps getting closer

The laments of the world
From a documentary that has
No beginning or end

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