Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

A Secular Age

the new religion,
the savior of the virgin birth,
ask and it will be given,
a brother's keeper,
as long as the color is right,
caring and loving the poor,
and the poverty stricken,
all powerful,
and omnipresent,
listening and watching,
phones and computer screens,
heretics to suffer,
non-believers in this new age,
the flesh to be satisfied,
morality relative,
the killing of Christians,
frowned upon,
but not discouraged in the least,
a service to mankind,
removing the Christians,
and their non-conformist types of view,
truly a plague,
to muddle on through,
this the secular age,
when the 'general good',
the core belief,
and the only sin,
to think or question,
Obama and the secular gods,
in this new age,
a religious revival.

Hunting Grounds

rabid dogs run the streets,
stalked by hunters blue,
hunting grounds,
from time immemorial,
streets the place,
victims found,
the hunting good,
and killers all abound,
on big city streets,
the concrete jungle,
where rules align with reality,
instead of the imaginary world of the assholes,
who talk on t.v.

The Reality of the Now

times dark,
generation after generation,
having lost their way,
sloth and indifference,
carry the day,
except for self gratification,
the masses too lazy,
or ignorant to bother,
economic and societal masturbation,
the policies of the day.

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