Sunday, May 10, 2015

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

holding on to hope 
even the sun must slumber
close his eyes and
but i will not give up hope
as you have;
i know sometimes life is anything but a
menagerie of joy
sometimes the only gold you see is that
of a gilded cage
but there is always darkness before
the dawn
i will never give up—
must always endure no matter what
because so many struggle
and so many can live with so much less than i
must rise above all the complications
and show others that it can be done
no matter what they would
like to believe
there is always a chance
always a hope
when the heart is still beating and the lungs
still breathing
we must hold on to hope.

enduring the struggle 
life is hard,
but i cannot lose my smile
or my laughter or my
to do this would be to surrender to
darkness and pessimism and 
this world already bleeds from a lack
of love
i will keep my candle burning bright
be the light that never dies
the hand that wipes tears from the
eyes of the suffering—
i will smile when i do not feel like it
only to give hope to those
that may need it
and to remind myself that it can and will
get better
i must endure the struggle
to get my pot of gold.

victory will be mine 
remaining calm
isn't always easy to do
especially when
i'm dealing with all matters
concerning you,
but i must breathe and i must hope
and i know things will get
i will claw for the light
get out of this darkness because i have
a song to sing
even the sparrows and crows
will take note—
you may think you'll get the last laugh,
but good triumphs over evil and life over death
and i have always
breathed life and you have always had 
a breath of death;
but fret not
victory will be mine!

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