Friday, May 29, 2015

Scott Thomas Outlar- Three Poems

Flows Freely
There is truth and there is
Absolute Truth
but damn if I know
the difference
I’m just saying

There is heaven and there is
or so I’ve heard
a time or two
by three or thirty

There is health and there is
and so I’ve seen
both these fires rage
in such completely different directions

There is God and there is
and the two are one
where the source flows
freely outward into creation

There is
There was
and there shall
always be
and this explains
and nothing
all at once
and never

Absolute Void
Loneliness is an open wound
the dagger enters so deep

The sun is blistering my apathy
a puss filled cup runneth over

Chaos serves its own revenge
cold and raw

Love has never been enough
temporary salvation at best

She came to me in the night
left before the dawn arrived

Emptiness is entropy is absolute
nothing more, nothing less, not a care

Chaos enters the spaces of stagnation,
not to obliterate,
but to break down what is not working
so the inherent pattern of order
can emerge in a new light,
and the holy path of inward peace
can once again be seen clearly.

The choice to destroy
is not necessarily negative
but sometimes absolutely necessary
as a way to tear away
at a dilapidated structure
so a more solid foundation
can be established
upon which to build
a temple of health, happiness, and love.

Life is not always easy,
but the trials and tribulations
are inherent in the process of progression
as a way to push evolution forward,
and the challenges that naturally arise
are a Godsend of grace
presented to teach the lesson
that we are creatures of adaptation and survival.

Scott Thomas Outlar dances in the waves of chaos, waiting on the high tide of order to rise and return him safely to the shore. More of his writing can be found at

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