Monday, April 6, 2015

Douglas Polk- Two Poems

The Rant
the eternal dwells within,
ignore the soul,
and risk mortal sin,
hard to do,
in a culture of the exterior,
and the shallow,
brain flow captured for seconds at a time,
and decreasing daily,
eternity thought to be a myth,
while last night's fuck,
real and consequential,
wrong thought,
or no thought,
ignore the soul,
at your own peril.

The Courtship of Iran
with nipple exposed,
sparks the interest of the American stud,
whispering sweet nothings in her ear,
the bra off,
panties down to the knees,
Iran gets religion,
panties pulled up quite suddenly,
America with a hard-on,
continues to plead,
the European nations,
with cameras ready,
the talks continue,
the head pounds,
as America begs for penetration,
rubber employed,
wondering if Iran,
just a tease.

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