Monday, April 20, 2015

Joseph Donnelly- Three Poems

Gary B was an actor

Gary B was an actor
Who smoked unicorns
And ate conspiracy theories
While walking through the craziest streets
In Hollywood,
Gary B always carried a rifle
Full of sad stories
To fend off the demons
But he only killed the good ones
When he ran out of unicorns
He smoked his home
Everything but the kitchen
Because he kept his mind in the cupboard
Where nobody but him could find it
Gary B laughed a smooth laugh
Like a clown who shows up at the wrong birthday party
But still gets paid
Today was the last day Gary B could see properly
He has a hard time finding that cupboard
And a harder time laughing that smooth laugh

Pink headphones

Girl with pink headphones
Bopping downing the street
Q trains pass overhead
As the washer shakes uncontrollably
She’s crossing 31st now
Ruthless in automobile truisms
I watch from the Laundromat bench
Her ability to sway with the traffic
Careless and cool
The dryer eats my quarters
Spitting out handcuffs to my reality
I want those headphones and that bop
I want to leave this bench
I don’t want her but will take her freedom

How gloves define danger

Nobody questions the man
Standing in your yard
Close to your window
Picking up plants
And paying attention to the dirt
All because he’s wearing gloves
Rough grey cloth
less a stranger
Than the one wearing
Smooth white latex
J.Donnelly lives and writes in Astoria, NY. 


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