Sunday, April 12, 2015

Daniel Klawitter- Two Poems

The Virtue of Brevity
Socrates:  By Hera, Gorgias, I do like your answers.
They couldn’t be shorter!
Gorgias:  Yes, Socrates, I daresay
I’m doing it quietly nicely.
-From Plato’s Gorgias.
Oh those long-winded preachers
I grew up listening to in the South!
On and on they’d beseech us—
With diarrhea of the mouth.
If you can’t say it in 15 minutes,
Then I have but one retort:
No sinner has walked out on a sermon
Because it was too short. 

This Is Your Brain
On Philosophy
…for us learning is no other than recollection.
-Plato, Phaedo.
Recollection requires a memory,
So protect your head from trauma!
If learning is just remembering,
Then be moderate with marijuana.
Bio:  Among other things, Daniel is the lead singer/lyricist for the indie rock band, Mining for Rain, and a member of the Colorado Poets Center.  His full-length poetry collection, A Poet Playing Doctor, will be released in the fall of 2015 by Alabaster Leaves Publishing.  To learn more, visit:  


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