Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

standing alone 
standing beneath the brugmansias
i lay forgotten as always
except where there
is blame,
but none of it falls on the shoulders of
the young lovers and their laughter
burning at the edge of
the sun;
no, they could never accomplish any wrong—
beautiful as camellias
they only bloom sacred arches of love
in your heart,
but when your eyes meet mine i realize everything
is my fault
all responsibility falls on my shoulders;
was it really such a wonder that all i wanted to do was
you say you love me but actions speak louder than words
and you've never given me any reason
to believe you
so now
i stand lonely as a cloud,
but i value my independence and my time
you are just a whisper of death i have forgotten because
i am a chaser of the light and a burning candle
refusing to let anyone douse her
love or laughter again.

be you 
all they wanted was to wash my uniqueness out me
to stamp me the same as everyone else,
but i refused to bend to their
whims or desires;
i was called foolish and stubborn but i was born to
stand out in a world that conforms
and i cannot be anyone else but me so why would i want
to be anything like them?
i am a star
and i'll use my star light to shimmer paths for the misfits
like me
all the kids that were told by their own parents
that they were weird,
and i'd show them that it's perfectly fine not to be like anyone else
because if originality were a sin i'd already be twenty
thousand steps into hell;
to me the only heaven is that i can be me
in a world where people are always shedding their likeness
for people and things that don't even matter—
if we were meant to be uniform
then we wouldn't have a thousand colors of eyes and voices and skin and hair
and hearts and flowers and trees and stones and ocean waves
so the best advice i can give anyone is:
be you.

blooming flower 
i close my eyes
just want it all to go away
all this white noise
that doesn't matter and all these
meaningless conversations
no one really talks about much of 
anything anymore,
but they all act as if you should make 
a decision based on emotions
or a whim
sometimes both;
but i have always had to think things through
not the type that just impulsively
jumps into life changing
i'm at peace with the choices i've made
some good, some bad
but everyone has taken me to destinations
i've had to be
maybe not where i wanted to be but every
day i'm growing
like a flower
i will keep blooming better and better than before
perfume the world in a fragrance
more magnificent than i ever knew i could.

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