Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ramona Thompson- Two Poems

Your Past Is Dead Snakes
I don't know why
You can't accept
Can't let go
All those old demons
Still haunting you
How can life and love move forward?
When you won't
Losing grip
Losing my faith in you
It's a damn shame
The past
You still blame
Makes me take
A whole other look
Rearrange my plans for you and me
Twist this ring
Upon my finger
Not so sure
I'm willing to put my head
Into that cursed lover's noose
I'm numb
Dumb founded
By your lack of understanding
Leading every night
To another fight
One more misunderstanding
Driving us apart
Drowning the venom of other's past mistakes
Why should I be the one to pay?
One more chance
After this
Not another dance
With your anger
Too furious
Feeding my own
Destorying all that before was good
I just can't take it
Not another second
In this life
I wanna be the brave and bold one
Walk tall with my head held high
But I can't do that
At the side of a man beliving
He's destined
Only on his belly
Like a viper
Forever to crawl
2015 Ramona Thompson
Have some warmth
Reach out and embrace the love
So desperate to hold you tonight
Out of my control
This feeling
Burning like a fire for you
Why won't you feel the same?
Why play another useless game?
Baby, why you gotta coil?
Make me recoil
When my loving
Like trash away
You hurl
I pull
You push
Bitter viper of love
I feel your bite
I know your sweet sting
So why won't you stay?
Lay peaceful
Instead of poisoning me tonight
So slowly
Killing this cruel affair
I wanna get closer
You wanna stay
The safest distance
Far away from me
So afraid to be real
You chose to live instead
Lost in a virtual fiction
Got not a clue
You pull into yourself
Rather swallow whole
Tail and all
Then admit just maybe
Like the rest of us
Baby, you're human after all
Slip and slide
When I'm kind
You be snide
When I'm not rude
You still get that attitude
Vicious cycle
Not so delicious aftermath
Sex is empty
Without love
So why do I stay?
Why do I still fight
To hold a man
Who clearly feels nothing
Maybe honey
It's cause
You're my everything
How sad is that?
So here we are
Round and round again
With love you're lazy
While I'm busy
Trying hard to break through
Without breaking my own tender heart
Fading into pitch black
I really don't mean to be a bitch
But it's just not fair
Losing me
Where you begin
God it feels like the end
Drowning in this endless river
Losing and loving you
Both at the same time
chorus 2X
2015 Ramona Thompson
Ramona Thompson has been writing for more then 20 years. Her past publishing credits include Dead Snakes, Calvary Cross, This Ain't No Rodeo, Howl, and many more.
Fans/readers may find her on facebook or her e-mail reddstar111@gmail.com

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