Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ramona Thompson- A Poem

Dead Snakes
Coils of the past
Tonight won't wrap around
Won't hinder or strangle me
Letting go of my dating past
To embrace a better single future
At last learned
How to stand on my own
Without a man's iron will
Submerging my own
I vow
No dead snakes hold me
Not anymore
Enough mistakes
Too much time wasted
I must not crawl again
Just to please
Living only to hear I'm pretty
When I know now
I am so much more
More then any of these dead snakes tried
To make of me
No more a easy meal
To fed their mighty egos
All that I'm letting go
On now with my own flow
Where before I was only a pond
I am now a raging river
Rising my fist in victory
Beat down never again
By dead snakes
Crawling in their own muck
All over my clean body
To make another dirty
It's not been easy
This road has been long and hard
And I'm sure
It will only get more so
But I've made it
Lived through the worst of it
Crushed their vemon
Beneath my feet
Resisted every bite
Accepted no more poison apples
Forbidden fruit is off my menu
Cut off from my diet
Dead snakes I fear no longer
Now that my broken spirt has been healed
And the once soiled dove flys
To soar clean and sober again
2015 Ramona Thompson 

Ramona Thompson has been writing for more then 20 years. Her past publishing credits include Calvary Cross, Fifth Di ezine, Sensual Venus, Erotic Tales of The Parnormal and many more.
Readers/fans may connect with her on facebook or via her e-mail at

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